About Our Organizations

Established During COVID- 19 Pandemic.

Donations are not only being excepted for the building to be purchased for our religious nonprofit organization but, also donations are being excepted for our food pantry for needy families, summer feeding program for school age children which We provide a snack lunch per child, seniors delivery food program for elderly in the community.

We also are excepting donations for clothing, shoes, computers, laptops, electronic devices, school supplies, office supplies, books, hygiene products, Sports and exercise equipment, delivery vans, trucks, buses for travel and trips, kitchen and Cooking equipment, home appliances, furniture, bedding for Temporary Shelter, COVID-19 Testing Kits.

Help & Ways to give

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We will provide Delivered Foods to Seniors, Food Pantry For Needy Families, Summer Snack Lunches, Clothes, Shoes, Books, Electronic, Computers, Laptops, School Supplies, Sports /Exercise Equipment, Temporary Housing, Educational Arts, Trips, Lectures, Preferred Religious Forums and Discourses.


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